Swimming & Diving

We Develop Children Into Smart, Confident and Strong Swimmers

Our Swimming Philosophy

Noe Pond Club’s emblem system offers a unique instructional incentive-based program of swim and dive lessons, basic water safety, rescue, and advanced lifesaving, all taught by trained instructors. The program develops the confidence & competence to provide a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment.

Every child under the age of 15 is tested daily by senior trained staff members to determine their level of swimming ability.  Based upon this test, they are issued an emblem that corresponds to their level of achievement. Each successive emblem requires the child to demonstrate incremental swimming skills.  To move up to higher emblems, typically requires a period of learning, practicing, testing, and re-testing.  This method means more time in the water which leads to stronger swimmers.

Our children are motivated to pass a test because of the thrill of getting to “ring the bell” for all to hear when they pass, but more importantly, it allows them greater swimming privileges at Noe.  Things as simple as: being allowed to jump off a dock, being permitted to use the diving boards, sliding down the slide & swimming to our famous mid-pond float are the motivating factors that have worked for 65 years.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of swimming, we teach the basics of always swimming with a buddy, understanding the dangers of lightning, and other fundamental safety measures.

Group, private, and semi-private lessons are available by certified water safety instructors.

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Noe Pond Swim & Dive Team

We Provide Competitive Stroke & Diving Instruction While Encouraging a Fun and Enjoyable Experience

Noe Pond Club is a member of the Town & Country League. The swim team offers a variety of age groups: 8 & Under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, and 15 through 17 years of age (league rules apply).  The Club has eight swim lanes where the swimmers practice and compete. Swim team practices are held during the weekdays, Monday through Friday with meets held on Saturdays and occasional Wednesdays. All meets are held at local pools.

The diving team is offered for the same age groups as the swim team except not for children 8 years of age and under. Diving practices are held Monday through Friday with meets on Wednesdays and occasional Monday and Thursday evenings.

Please inquire with the Clubhouse office window if you are interested in signing up or learning more.