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Noe Pond Is All About Legacy & Tradition

Noe Pond Club is owned and operated by Kim and Chuck Barton, the daughter and son-in-law of the founding Browers. The two generations remain actively involved with Noe Pond Club’s operation with the leadership of their General Manager, Kirk M. Warshaw, an active member who grew up at the Pond himself. Together, they continue to carry on decades of traditions to carry on its legacy.

“My vision for Noe is to preserve it’s 65-year tradition of being a safe haven for kids to learn how to swim, play tennis, and enjoy their friends and family. At the same time, we will be responsive to the evolving interests of our membership by providing new services and activities.” – Kirk Warshaw

Noe Pond Club has an advisory board which helps set policies, organize volunteers for our youth and adult teams and programs, and provides guidance to senior management based upon membership feedback. Many of our senior management team members grew up and worked at Noe. In turn, most of our current staff grew up at the Club as well.

2019 Professional Leadership Team

Senior management is focused first and foremost on providing a safe and nurturing environment while serving as role models for our Members’ children. Our professional leadership is held by the following staff:

Kirk was born and raised in Madison and has been a member of NPC since he was a child. His parents were active members of the Club, including serving on numerous committees and the Board of Directors. Kirk served as President of the Board of Directors for 5 years. Kirk, a CPA by training, has helped manage numerous businesses around the country for private equity firms and various family offices.

Kirk and his wife Anna have 3 children, who have all worked at Noe for years; one daughter even met her husband at Noe Pond!

Mark teaches secondary school Latin as well as Ancient Greek in boarding, parochial/Catholic, private day, and public schools. Recently, however, he departed from the traditional routine of instruction to restructure/refine papers #1 & #2 in his field (published by the Univ. of Chicago).

Before being an assistant manager at Noe Pond, Chris worked as the manager for the Crestview Swim Club for many years. During the off season, he works as a Physical Education Teacher for the School District of the Chathams. Along with his wife, Nikki, they have 2 children (Charlie and Lilly). You will see them running (walking) around the beach front. In Chris’ spare time, he likes to spend time with my family and play golf.

John grew up in Chatham where he was a member of Fish & Game because it was close to his home. He worked in public schools for 30 years in New Providence, Madison, Whippany, and Livingston and currently teaches at Montclair Kimberley Academy. He plays drums and percussion professionally and I has had the honor of playing in orchestras for several Broadway shows and behind artists ranging from Metallica to Paul McCartney to Sting and Bruce Springsteen. His wife, Karen, is the School Nurse at Southern Boulevard and they have three daughters in their twenties.

Chrissy McGookin has been teaching 4th grade at Lafayette Avenue School for nearly a decade. She lives in Chester with her husband Shaun, and their two boys, Gunner and Max. She has been a member of Noe since she was born and worked her way through the Noe badge system all the way up to Golden Dolphin. This is nearly her 25th year working at Noe; she started off lifeguarding, working in the office and teaching swim lessons, then moved to Head of Office, Program Director and Tester. In addition to Assistant Manager, Chrissy is also a Big Wheels Camp Programmer.

Margaret has been a Noe Pond member since she was a baby. She worked in the club office and as a lifeguard during her high school and college years. Margaret has worked as a special education instructor and taught a variety of STEM courses. She looks forward to helping members and staff make wonderful Noe memories, like she has.

Jill is a certified member of the United States Professional Tennis Association. She is a racquets professional who works well with players of all ages and abilities. Her nearly two decades of teaching experience at several area clubs has proven her belief that there is potential in every player. She understands that training for any sport can be challenging, but never fails to remember it should also be fun.

Jill captained the Division 1 University of Rhode Island tennis team, and has held national rankings for 20 years in tennis and paddle tennis for 10 years.

John has been the Head Tennis Teaching Professional at Noe Pond since 1987. He brings a unique combination of educational and competitive experience to the Noe program. He previously served as a teacher and Boys Varsity Tennis Coach in the New Providence School District. During his tenure there, his teams won numerous Sectional and State Championships which lead to both team and coaching awards. John is also a Senior Tennis Professional at The Strand Tennis Center in Chatham and a USPTA Certified Teaching Professional.

Scott has headed up the men’s paddle program for over 5 years. He has over 35 years of playing experience and has won 27 National Platform Tennis Championships. He has taught men, women, and children at all area clubs. He enjoys working with both new or experienced players to develop all aspects of their games. He and his wife, Janice, live in Chatham and have been members of Noe for nearly 45 years

CJ was the captain of the Tennis Team at Cabrini University in Radnor, PA. He helped his team win 3 consecutive championships and won 2 back-to-back player of the year awards. CJ has been working at Noe Pond Club for over 5 years.

Eric has been teaching tennis at Noe Pond (and other Clubs) dating back to 1995. He has worked every summer at Noe teaching tennis since 2009. Eric also has been an Elementary School Counselor since 2002. Eric and his wife, Laurie, have two teen-aged children.

Kimmy has been a Noe Pond Club member since 1992. Her husband, Jeff, who is a Legacy Member, has been a member since 1962. Kimmy has three children: Tylere, Kelsey and Corey. She grew up in Madison but has lived in Chatham for 30 years. Kimmy has worked with the Kids Program for over 25 years.

Kelsey has been a Noe Pond member since 1992. She grew up going through the NPC Kids Program-Acorns, Hot Shots and Big Wheels. Kelsey has worked as a CIT (counselor in training) and a counselor. Kelsey has been the Director of the Acorn Group since 2016. Kelsey currently works at Southern Boulevard School in Chatham.

Erin is the director of the Hot Shots Kids Program. She has two children and works as a special education teacher at Central Avenue School in Madison.

Noe Pond provides the children of our members with not only the chance to learn to swim and have fun as a child, but to also gain valuable work experience as life guards and office staff. Many former staff members have indicated that the responsibilities that they had at the Club, served them well in their adult careers. The Club has also employed in excess of 1,000 teenagers in what for most of them was their first job.

2019 Junior Leader Staffing Team

Taylor Berry

Katie DiGiacomo

Anna Erickson

Priya Gulati

Victoria Hawk

Kyle Hopkins

Sadie Horsey

Tim Koppenol

Grace Sanders

Olivia Sanders

Ryan Schmitz

Annika Spoor

Grace Toscano

Anna Butler

Katelyn Collins

Megan Collins

Christopher Conlin

Cassie D’Anton

TJ D’Anton, Head Lifeguard

Oliver Dines

John Donahoe

Ryan Gibbons

McCormick Horsey, Co-Head coach for the Dive Team

Joseph Leone

Matthew Leone

Matt Murray

Zach Ruiz

Grace Sanders

Emma Schuszler

Ryan Schmitz

Jordyn Sterkel

Andrew Walsh

Matthew Warshaw

Chris Witte

Andrew Bailey

Katherine Witte