Noe Pond Club is a Private Oasis with White Sand Beaches, Clear Cool Water, Expansive Lawns, Picnic Areas & Playgrounds


Noe Pond covers 3 acres and contains 7 million gallons of pure well-fed water. It ranges in depth from 1 inch to 15 feet, allowing for safe enjoyment by infants, tots, children of all ages, and adults. The well-fed pond is not chlorinated but rather uses an oxygen-3 aeration system to improve water quality. It is regularly checked by an independent certified testing laboratory for compliance with State and local health and safety codes.

Water features include a dock off of which children jump and dive into the pond, 3 diving boards, 2 water slides, eight 25 meter swim lanes used by our swim teams and adults looking to train or get a good workout, a deep water float in the center of the pond, a water trampoline, a water basketball hoop, a log roll, a fountain for smaller children, exercise bars, and our “frog slide.”

Adjacent to the beach are two patios that are trellis-covered and various sections of beach covered by two tents, as well as two oversized beach umbrellas and smaller individual beach umbrellas. We provide comfortable beach chairs for members’ and guests’ use while at the Club.

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Picnic & Play Areas

Noe Pond Club is more than just a pond. Tables on patios overlook the pond and tennis courts. Picnic tables are located behind the clubhouse near the grill and our food operation. Grills are available for member use and one of our most popular offerings is our family Sunday night cook-out usually attended by hundreds of people. We often supply family-friendly entertainment on these evenings.

We have two playground areas that are geared toward our younger children. All of our playground equipment meets safety standards and we utilize a rubber-based material to help prevent injuries due to falls. We also have acres of open play areas for kids of all ages. The most common activities enjoyed in these areas include ping-pong, Foosball, pick-up soccer games, Wiffle ball, our tree swing, and tether ball.

We have recently added a basketball court for 3 on 3 competitions and full court games. Pickleball is being introduced and we expect this fast-growing sport to be popular with children and adults alike.